Our Mission

We are a company founded on faith; for those who believe in the man above and leave all obstacles in His hands. Thanks to Him, we rise each morning, take in a breath of fresh air that awakens our desire to graciously accept the challenges life has in store for us. We, as a community, are pioneers of this era—our future is shaped by the dreams we chase. But we shall always present ourselves as equals because we are BlesseD.

Follow us as we journey to change the world by building the faith of our generation through the movement of our brand. We want others to share our vision by living each day based on blessings — not luck.

Join our commitment to a lifestyle that proves to all ages that we want to build positive relationships with those around us.

BlesseD is more than a brand, our sole purpose is to inspire all with confidence and endurance to follow their dreams. We believe our lives are steered by blessings rather than luck which reflects the lifestyle we lead— 0% luck, 100% BlesseD. We encourage you, our followers to look around, smile and cherish life. Welcome to the movement.

I am Izik Ochoa, the founder and creator of BlesseD apparel. My passion for life and the Lord are evident in everything I do and I want to share my love of life with my community. I believe in the power of communication and building people up. I believe in happiness and giving credit where it’s due. I believe in people. I myself have been fortunate in life and now it’s time to give back. We are BlesseD

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